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Another  Mother


Brand Designer • Website Builder


Interdisciplinary, Queer Artist


Figma • Wix 


Collaborating with a local, queer artist to create a database to increase awareness of and educate about species of plants, fungi, and animals that express multiple sexes, reproductive diversity, and non-heterosexual mating rituals.


Conceptualizing and building a website to function as an interactive, online database that allows for public submissions of new species and sightings.

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Seeing queerness in nature to build a better understanding of the world and ourselves. 

Eli Brown is an interdisciplinary artist whose work in the field of queer ecologies spans sculpture, social practice, and public art. I connected with them through a Boston queer arts group after they had received a grant from the Independence Seaport Museum and the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities to contribute to the Ecotopian Toolkit's living archive. 

With my personal ties to the subject matter, I was excited to help Eli's vision take shape.

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