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Mama Kiota's Message


Website Builder • Event Manager • Graphic Designer


Political Science Professor 


Wordpress • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Premiere


Collaborating with Tufts University's Professor Pearl T. Robinson & Tisch College to honor Mama Kiota and her decades of dedication to improving women’s rights, education, and religious tolerance in Niger, Africa.


Designing and orchestrating an awards ceremony to be held asynchronously at Tufts' Medford Campus and in Niamey, Niger, followed by building a website to capture the two events and preserve Mama Kiota's legacy. 

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Investing in exceptional startups led by extraordinary female founders

One of the projects that pushed me towards going independent and launching Hello Hyde was supporting Professor Robinson's decade-long passion for preserving Mama Kiota's legacy come to fruition. 

Mama Kiota was the Nigerien founder and leader of a Sufi Muslim women’s movement, the Association des Femnmes Musulmanes Jamiyat Nassirat Dine (the JND), which grew to over 200,000 members across West Africa during her lifetime. Before her passing in 2020, Professor Robinson and I spearheaded the creation of an awards ceremony and website to honor her life’s work. With funding from Tufts University's Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life, the Global Humanitarian Citizenship Award was created and an awards ceremony was held on October 25th, 2017.  It was attended by .

The partner event was held in Niamey, Niger on and attended by Mama Kiota, who received the award surrounded by family, friends and members of the JND.

The site showcases Robinson’s documentary and the insight it gave her into a leader worthy of the Global Humanitarian Citizen Award. The GHC awards ceremony had two parts, one at Tufts University and one in Niger attended by Mama Kiota herself. I helped secure funding for the award ceremonies, made promotional materials, coordinated speeches from distinguished Muslim and Nigerien figures, and edited footage of this event to be played at the ceremony in Niger. The GHC award ceremonies are featured prominently on the site to highlight how impactful Mama Kiota’s work has been in both her community and abroad.

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